Digital Nomad Tips: How To Be Productive When You're Working In Paradise

Staying on top of your game while you’re globe trotting? It’s a serious challenge.

I know, #FirstWorldProblems, right?

But really! Those who daydream about making a living online while exploring the world are in for a surprise: work-life balance is no easier to achieve when you’re bombarded daily with new sensory experiences and the promise of adventure.

If you love traveling to tropical places like me, you can toss in the added challenge of a forever-warm climate, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters, all conducive to slowing down and taking it easy. Every day.

And then there’s tequila! Ugh, Tequila.

Anyway, we’ve both developed some pro techniques for handling this careful balance between enjoying life (which is the point of this lifestyle, right?) and getting shit done.

We were so psyched when That Marketing Dude asked us to share our expertise as part of his “30 Days of Fist Bump Worthy Knowledge Bombs” in September.

We cover scheduling downtime, staying inspired, picking your travel partners and so much more. Don’t miss these essential tips for any writer who calls the world her office!

Read the full post & see some major eye candy from our recent travels: How To Stay Productive When You’re Working In Paradise

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Digital Nomad Tips: How To Be Productive When You're Working In Paradise

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Michelle Christina Larsen never met a palm tree she didn't like. A seasoned fashion copywriter and the founder of Day Job Optional, she loves making clothes, sipping strong coffee on rainy mornings and connecting with other writers in the DJO Writers Community. You'll find her reclining on a beach in the Caribbean, thrifting her way through Brooklyn or writing for her nearly 10-year-old lifestyle blog, Hey Mishka.

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