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Want to satisfy your wanderlust & ignite your writing career?

Want to connect with other writers in stunning tropical settings?

Want to feel inspired, motivated, and FOCUSED on your goals?

Want personalized coaching and uninterrupted writing sessions?

Want a safe space to be creative, expressive and reinvigorated?

We’re planning our first-ever Day Job Optional writers retreats, and we can almost feel the warm sun and Caribbean breeze!

If you want the details before anyone else (and some sweet early bird pricing), then sign up for our special retreat mailing list, stat! Soon we’ll be sending you luxe, beachy digs and crazy-cool itineraries. WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!

womens-writing-retreats-day-job-optional-1 copy

Note! Our retreat mailing list is NOT the same as our standard mailing list, so if you want to get blissed-out tropical with us and get some SERIOUS writing done, be sure you pop your name and email into this form.

Upcoming retreat locations include…

Tulum, Mexico

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Miami, United States

Details coming soon!

Can’t wait to hear more? We can’t wait to tell ya! Get on the DJO retreats mailing list to hear all of the juicy, sun-soaked details before anyone else. 

Michelle Christina Larsen - Fashion Copywriter & Writing Mentor - Day Job Optional